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Quote from Sue in Stormy Moon

Reverend Tammy: Wow. Your mom got arrested. I can see how you might be feeling upset.
Sue: No, that's not really it.
Reverend Tammy: Well, maybe you're just concerned about how your mom's feeling right now.
Sue: No, no, not really. No, that's not... Okay, fine. Whatever.
Reverend Tammy: Look, Sue, at my sleepover jams, after we have Savior S'mores, I get to rap with a lot of girls that are in the exact same position as you. And it's a really hard age, because there's so much changing in your bodies and at school.
Sue: Wrong. Wrong again.
Reverend Tammy: I think maybe you should just lay it out there and and try talking to your mom about how you feel.
Sue: Do you? Do you think that's what I should do? Maybe if you knew me for longer than a day, you'd know that that is actually the exact opposite of what I should do. Because, you see, that's sort of a piece of, like, general advice for general teens, but it's not really very Sue specific.
Reverend Tammy: Um, maybe I could better express myself through a song. Let's see. [plays guitar and sings] Mary had one son born on Christmas day She was hoping for a daughter But she didn't have much say.
Sue: All right! I'm gonna stop you right there. I'm sorry, but singing advice doesn't really work for me. I'm just not the kind of person who responds to singing as a way of solving your problems. So... yeah.

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