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Quote from Axl in Bad Choices

Axl: Schmula. It's our sacred day of remembrance.
Senora Porter: You're Jewish?
Axl: I don't think it's legal for you to ask me that.
Senora Porter: Okay. Then why does being Jewish preclude you from taking the test?
Axl: If I get what "preclude" means, Schmula is our day of silence in honor of the harvest.
Senora Porter: In that case, Señor Heck, I'd be willing to come in on Saturday, and you can make up the test then.
Axl: Thank you for accommodating me, but unfortunately, I have to go to a funeral.
Senora Porter: I'm sorry to hear that. Who died?
Axl: My aunt. Her name's Betty Robinson. She was 97. She went off a bridge. It's right there in the paper. You can look it up.
Senora Porter: [reads paper] Oh, my gosh, Axl. I'm so sorry.
Axl: She shouldn't have been texting. Her last one was "Record Matlock." She'll never see that episode a fourth time.
Senora Porter: Look, don't you worry about the test. You take care of you.

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