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Quote from Frankie in Mother's Day II

Frankie: [sobs] I had a horrible Mother's Day!
Mike: What are you talking about? You said you had a great day.
Frankie: I lied. I couldn't find my glasses, and I shoved the spatula in the stuck drawer, and the freezer was all crusty, and I just frittered away the whole day. The whole day! And you guys had the best day ever in Brown County!
Mike: Oh, no, no. It wasn't that great. It was-- It was hot. And it was crowded 'cause there were so many moms there. [Frankie wail]s No, that's not what I meant. Uh, we didn't have fun because we all missed you.
Frankie: Oh, please! Look at this picture. You have never been happier. It's as if you had the Mother's Day you would've had if I were dead!
Mike: No, Frankie, stop it. You know what? We can have another Mother's Day, okay?
Frankie: Yeah, next year.
Mike: No. No, next weekend. We can all go back to Brown County and we can do it all again with you. How's that sound? Think you might stop crying if we did that?
Frankie: I think I might.

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