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Quote from Brad in The Other Man

Brad: Oh, I can't believe there's a hot gay drummer in Aidan's band. And you kept it to yourself.
Sue: Oh, well, I don't know. I didn't want to be that kind of person who was like, "You're gay, he's gay, therefore I should set you up."
Brad: Why not? Sue, Gumford is not exactly the Fire Island of Indiana. It's slim pickings out there.
Sue: Sorry. I didn't know the protocol. Ah, so you're really ready to start dating?
Brad: Of course I am. It's just tough in college. All the good gay guys are taken by girls.
Sue: Ah, yeah.
Brad: In New York, it was easier. But you get outside of New York, and there's still places that wouldn't bake me a wedding cake.
Sue: That is just not right, Brad. Everybody deserves cake.

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