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Quote from Cindy in The 200th

Brick: Hello, Cindy. It's me... Brick.
Cindy: I know. I recognize your voice. And your face.
Brick: Listen, you may have heard I had a little dalliance with the new girl, Lilah. Anyway, she got some notes containing some pretty disturbing threats, and, well... might one dare to dream that they were from you?
Cindy: They were.
Brick: Really? That's great! I was hoping you still had feelings for me, 'cause I have feelings for you!
Cindy: My passion does burn bright for you, Brick.
Brick: [sighs] What a relief. I'm so glad we're back together.
Cindy: Slow your roll. Breaking up with me like you did was very cowardly. So, in order to win me back, you have to perform three acts of bravery.

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