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Quote from Brick in Eyes Wide Open

Frankie: Hello, Lilah. I'm Brick's mom. It's so nice to meet you. Welcome to our...
Brick: No, no, no! The line is, "Very nice to meet you." Look, I only have one shot at Lilah liking me before she meets other people. We have to nail her down by Monday.
Mike: Brick...
Brick: Sorry, not "nail her down." Win her over.
Frankie: This isn't fair. Why do I have all the long speeches? Your dad has one-word lines... "Yep." "Eh." "Nope." I'm carrying the whole show.
Brick: That's your character. I wrote you like you are. Dad doesn't say much, so he gets fewer words.
Mike: I can't help it if I say a lot with a little.

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