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Quote from Mike in A Very Marry Christmas

Mike: [sighs] How much were they?
Bill: What?
Mike: The sunglasses. I tried to get you a good present, I couldn't find anything, so I'm just gonna give you cash. How much?
Bill: No, Mike, they were a present. You don't have to...
Mike: Let's not belabor it, okay? How much?
Bill: 42 bucks.
Mike: That include tax?
Bill: [scoffs] Really, Mike?
Mike: Yeah, really. Just give me the grand total and this whole nightmare can be over.
Bill: [exhales deeply] $42.50. No, $44.32.
Mike: Okay. $45. Keep the change.
Bill: [scoffs] Hey, Mike, you never told me... do you like them?
Mike: I love 'em. [puts on sunglasses and rides off on motorcycle]

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