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Quote from Brick in Halloween VII: The Heckoning

Mike: Frankie! You're not gonna believe what these numbnuts did.
Sue: Dad, if you'll just listen to me, it is not my fault!
Brick: She knocked me over with a basketball!
Mike: I don't want to hear it!
Sue: [grunts] Mom, it is not fair. I gave Brick my room, and now I have a broken door... [groans] and a hole in the wall!
Brick: I'm sorry I did that, Sue, and maybe I held onto your room too long. But you know what? At least you have a room. I don't have anything of my own. No baby pictures, clothes from the cousin box. I don't even have a chair at the dinner table. None of you have walked in my shoes. I don't even walk in my shoes! I walk in Cousin Jared's shoes.

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