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Quote from Brick in Survey Says...

[Frankie comes in from work, drops her bag on the floor and lands on the couch with a sigh]
Brick: Oh, I need graph paper.
Frankie: What? Brick, I was just at Office Depot, getting a Snickers bar. You're telling me now?
Brick: Well, you coming home reminded me I needed you to go out.
Frankie: Why didn't you tell me earlier?
Brick: Why didn't you come home earlier? Look, we can argue all night about whose fault it is.
Frankie: It's your fault. You think I don't notice you raising the volume?
Mike: Yell quieter, and I won't have to.
Frankie: When's it due? [Brick is stumped] Come on! Stop with the volume.
Mike: All in your hands.
Brick: In my defense, I've only known about it for three weeks.

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