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Quote from Brick in Valentine's Day VI

Frankie: Hey, Brick. So, what about you? You doing anything with Cindy for Valentine's day?
Brick: Oh. Right. Cindy. I'm not sure we're still going out.
Frankie: What do you mean, you're not sure?
Brick: Well, I don't know. We haven't really talked for a few months.
Frankie: Why? Did something happen?
Brick: No, nothing I can think of. She might have been sick for a while. Or she moved. No, wait... she sits behind me in homeroom.
Frankie: Well, before I go to the drugstore and drop 99 cents on a box of candy, it'd be nice to know.
[cut to Brick talking to Cindy by her locker at school:]
Brick: Cindy, are we still going out?
Cindy: Yes.
Brick: Okay.

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