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Quote from Frankie in Sleepless in Orson

Frankie: The point is, things aren't really as bad as they make them sound. Did you know there's actually fewer kidnappings now than there were 20 years ago? It's just 'cause we get our news faster, so we hear about them more often.
Brick: So, I shouldn't be worried about being kidnapped?
Frankie: No, of course not.
Brick: Then why can't I go to the mall by myself or talk to strangers?
Frankie: Well, you still have to be on alert.
Brick: For what?
Frankie: You know, for things that will never happen but you should still be cautious about.
Brick: You just said I don't need to worry about being kidnapped. Why do I need to be cautious?
Frankie: Look, you don't. You shouldn't think about it at all. But... j-just keep it in the back of your mind.

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