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Quote from Brick in The Christmas Tree

Brick: [on the phone] I can definitely get you three plants, Mr. Hayes. But if you want them by Christmas Eve, I'm gonna have to add a $5 rush fee. All right.
Frankie: Brick...
Brick: It's okay. I'm gonna use the money from these to pay for the cozies, which paid for the peppermint bark, which paid for the popcorn, which paid for the wrapping paper.
Frankie: How are you gonna pay for the poinsettias?
Brick: Oh, these were free. I got them from the park.
Frankie: What park?
Brick: The park with the dead people.
Frankie: The cemetery?! You stole flowers from the cemetery?! What the hell were you thinking?! [sighs] Quick, get these inside.

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