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Quote from Frankie in Great Heckspectations

Frankie: I'm worried. And that should tell you something... that the thing I'm most worried about is not Brick driving.
Mike: What are you talking about?
Frankie: Oh, my God. I forced him. I forced him to go to prom, and now the weird kids aren't weird anymore. He's gonna be out there on his own with no nerd posse and who knows what's gonna happen? Should we get in the car and follow him?
Mike: Frankie, our son, who has a driver's license, is heading to prom with someone who he can legitimately call his girlfriend. Did you ever in your life think that was gonna happen? [Frankie exhales] I think he's doing fine.
Frankie: But did you see how good Cindy looked? Somebody at that dance is gonna swoop in there and snatch her up and Brick'll be too busy reading the "Maximum Occupancy" sign to notice.
Mike: Is he still doing that?
Frankie: Oh, yeah. He was doing it last week at Joe's Subs. If two more people came in, he was gonna make us leave. [Mike laughs]

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