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Quote from Brick in Great Heckspectations

Frankie: I mean, is she going with somebody else? Did she say why? I don't get it. You look so good in that tux. You can't even tell a dead guy was almost buried in it.
Brick: I was going to ask for an explanation, but after I gave the drummers and the flag girls their 10 bucks, Cindy was gone. It's fine, I didn't really want to go to prom anyway. Ah, dames. I'm over 'em.
Frankie: No, Brick, you can't give up. You gotta try. Remember that one time in gym class you didn't want to climb the rope and I made you do it? What happened?
Brick: My hands slipped and I burned my privates on the way down.
Frankie: But you got to stay in bed for a week and read.
Brick: That was a good week.
Frankie: See? Moms know stuff. Now go get your girl.

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