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Quote from Brick in The 200th

Frankie: "Three acts of bravery"?
Brick: Yep, and I have to have them done by the cow rededication ceremony. So, I jotted down a few ideas on the bus, and I want to run 'em by you guys.
Brick: Rank them one to five, with five being the bravest.
Frankie: Brick, this Frugal Hoosier chicken's on the clock here.
Brick: First one... foiling a bank robbery.
Mike: Five for bravery, one for how the hell are you gonna make that happen?
Brick: Hmm. Walking through a hail of gunfire like Wonder Woman?
Frankie: Please don't dress like Wonder Woman.
Brick: Holding in my poop all day?
Mike: Solid three.
Brick: Hmm. How upset would you be if I set fire to the house if I was reasonably sure I could put it out?
Mike: [sighs] Could you make it look like an accident?

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