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Quote from Frankie in Eyes Wide Open

Frankie: Oh, is it hard? Is it too hard? I do it every day. And... silverware up, sharp knives down.
Axl: No. Oh! Daddy! Help me! She's a crazy person!
Mike: What's going on?
Frankie: He's 23 years old and living in our house... He should know how to load the dishwasher.
Mike: What do you mean? He's been loading the dishwasher for years.
Frankie: Yeah, and never correctly. He just throws everything in here like a big mess. That's why we have chipped bowls, our Tupperware is melted. The Spider-Man and Flintstone glasses rubbed against each other, so now we have no nice glasses for company. As long as he is living in this house, he's gonna learn to do things right. Don't you help him.
Axl: Ugh! [dishes clatter] My brain hurts. I need a break.
Frankie: Oh, fine. You can't take it, go cool off. And pick up your socks! For every stinky sock I find lying around there, I'm gonna leave a bra.

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