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Quote from Brick in Halloween VIII: Orson Murder Mystery

Sylvia: Well, Claudia was my older sister. But she died. Must be 50 years ago now. And Henry... that was her husband... he loved her so much. And when she passed away so suddenly, he was just heartbroken.
Frankie: Was he?
Sylvia: Oh! Well, we both were.
Frankie: Were you?
Sylvia: Oh, yes. I don't think we ever really got over losing Claudia. You see, she was born with a bad heart. And all of her life, Claudia's only wish was that she would make it to age of 40. Well, you can imagine how upset we were when her heart gave out just a couple of days before her 40th birthday. Henry even told the paper that she died two days after she did just so that she could get to 40. Oh, and after she passed, I was a mess, but Henry, well, he really took it hard. I guess that's what brought us together. And then, before we knew it, nine years had passed. And Henry and I finally decided to get married. Well, we knew that Claudia would've wanted it that way. She had a big heart. It just wasn't a very strong one. And I miss her every day.
Brick: Then why did you murder her?!

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