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Quote from Axl in Adult Swim

Frankie: [v.o.] Sue was gonna do a little cleaning up of her own, and at the top of her list... get rid of her brother.
Sue: [TV shuts off] Axl, that's my robe.
Axl: [groans] Fine.
Sue: Ew! No, don't take it off! Ugh! What are you doing here?
Axl: I'm waiting for Lexie to get back from psychology class, and then we might go out or something. Oh, that reminds me... got to pick up a new lady razor, 'cause, you know, between my beard and your wire-brush leg hairs, it is trashed.
Sue: Look, I believe I was very cool about you dating my best friend, but I didn't know it'd mean that you'd be here all the time even when she is not here.
Axl: Um, our dad is not paying the rent. Lexie's dad is. So whatever Lexie wants, Lexie gets. And Lexie wants all this, and Lexie's dad wants me to have your chips.
Sue: I can't take it anymore! I am sick of you!
Axl: Oh, my God. Sue, back in the old days, they used to live with their siblings and their grandparents and multiple generations. You should embrace this. And truth is, as the eldest son, I could have married you off to some old geezer for a couple of goats, and this place would be mine. You should be thanking me for letting you stay.
Sue: What's your point?
Axl: Give me your Netflix password.
Sue: Oh! That's it! [groans] No more! I'm out of here. [scoffs] And put that drink on a coaster!

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