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Quote from Frankie in Sorry Not Sorry

Frankie: You know, when you think of it, most of our fights are because of them. Remember last week, you got mad at me 'cause Sue guilted me into going to her college and bringing up her "It's Kitten Time Somewhere" poster?
Mike: How 'bout the time Brick swallowed all that Jell-O powder? We practically went 12 rounds 'cause you wanted to take him to the emergency room, and I said it's gonna be Sue's $300 fart all over again.
Frankie: I mean, if it weren't for those kids, we'd be the happiest couple in town.
Mike: And where do they get off coming into our house and telling us how to parent?
Frankie: Yeah. And then we end up apologizing to them.
Mike: You know, when we were kids, you didn't tell your parents what they were doing wrong. You know what you did? You ate your vegetables.
Frankie: I have a good mind to buy vegetables and make those kids eat them.
Mike: Oh, we're gonna do a lot more than that.

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