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Quote from Frankie in Ovary and Out

Frankie: It's just one minute, you're driving around with your kids, listening to Elmo sing "I Don't Want To Live On The Moon," and the next minute, your doctor's telling you he can't find your ovaries. And it was all just funny to him, but it's not funny. That moment should be marked in some way. No, I mean it. I mean, everybody makes a big deal when you get married and have a baby, but nobody's having a ceremony for your shriveled ovaries. You know what I mean?
Mike: Like when a player retires, and they hoist his jersey into the rafters.
Frankie: Yes! Exactly. They just... They deserve more respect. [sniffles] You know? I mean, they may not have been the flashiest ovaries, but they got the job done.
Mike: Hey, they gave us three great kids. [Frankie sobs] Well, at any given time, two of the three of them were great... or at least good. Hey, no one's in jail.
Frankie: They deserve something, some sort of send-off for all their years of service. They deserve more of an ending. They deserve... a goodbye. [sniffles, sighs]
Mike: They had a good run. [chuckles] I think Ernie sang "I Don't Want To Live On The Moon."
Frankie: [chuckles] No. Ernie? Was it Ernie?
Mike: I think it was.
Frankie: What'd I say?
Mike: Elmo.
Frankie: Elmo.

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