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Quote from Brick in Ovary and Out

Frankie: [v.o.] Turns out, given the choice between feeding old people and meeting at Font Club, Font Club gave you the most bang for your community-service buck.
Brick: Hello, all. Welcome to Font Club. So, I thought it'd be a nice icebreaker to go around and have everybody say their favorite font. [Judah raises a piece of paper] Yeah?
Judah: Can you sign my community service?
Brick: [sighs] Okay, I know some of you are just here for community-service credit, but if you'll give me a chance, I'll show you fonts can change your life.
Gibson: You know what'd change my life? If you gave us all pillows. 'Cause you're putting me to sleep. [laughter]
Brick: Oh, that's funny? Well, let's see how funny it is when you write a letter to the girl you love and you need to choose between Windsong and Herr von Muellerhoff, and you choose wrong and lose her forever.
Gibson: Well, I wouldn't choose either of those. I'd go with Pinyon Script, and I think you know why.
Brick: I do!

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