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Quote from Frankie in Halloween VII: The Heckoning

Frankie: I'm just saying, you're only gonna see me on weekends and every other Christmas, so you better get used to it.
Axl: Oh, my God. Is she really still talking about this hypothetical divorce?
Frankie: Yes, she is. I was really hurt. You know, when your kids are teenagers, everyone says, "Oh, don't worry. When they get older, they will appreciate you and be thankful for everything that you do for them." Well, you are older. And it just hit me that that's never gonna happen. You know, that divorce might've been hypothetical, but my feelings are very real, and if hurting my feelings was what you were trying to do, well, congratulations on a job well done. [all groan as Frankie claps] Are you freaking kidding me?! You people are gonna sit there and try to make me feel crappy about myself?!
April: Hi!
Frankie: Hey, April! [chuckles] We're just doing our Halloween thang. No, you know what? If you're gonna be hanging around here, you should hear this, too, because I am through being this family's punching bag! And I am sorry if I have an annoying clap, and I am sorry that I like dancing to the Law & Order theme, or that I'm not good at fast-forwarding with the remote. But guess what. I am done defending myself. If you're all so perfect, you can have each other. Take a last look at this annoying, clapping mom that nobody wants to live with, 'cause I am storming out!
Neighborhood kids: Trick or treat!
Frankie: Ooh, aren't you cute. Oh, look a pirate. [laughs] Shiver me timbers. Storming out! [door slams]

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