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Quote from Axl in The Man Hunt

Axl: Brilliant, isn't it? While you suckers are stuck here throwing money away on this pit, we are taking a mobile house party wherever we go.
Frankie: Where did you even get this thing?
Axl: Where does anyone get anything awesome? Police auction. You can't even tell this was once a mobile crack den.
Hutch: It started at $600 then got up to $800 before we realized we were the only ones bidding. Which, by the way, is only two months' rent, so who's laughing now?
Mike: The crackheads who get to live in prison instead of this thing.
Axl: [scoffs] Okay. Anyway, once we get settled in on campus, we'll have you guys over. Or we'll come over here. Either way.
Hutch: Yeah, we can have you over at our house at your house.

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