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Quote from Brick in Floating 50

Coach Babbitt: Now, when you conquer a sport, there's no better feeling in the world 'cause you don't do it for some trophy. You do it for a feeling of satisfaction that you get right in here. Okay, now, Heck. And catch!
[Brick takes a rubber ball in the face]
Coach Babbitt: Okay, now, this is for an orange slice.
[Brick takes a football in the face]
Coach Babbitt: This one's for any book you want.
[Brick takes a volleyball in the face]
Coach Babbitt: Uh... I will give you my Subaru when you turn 16!
[Brick takes a basketball in the face]
Coach Babbitt: All right, forget balls. Personally, I think fencing belongs in the drama department, but we're reaching here. Heck? Hey, pay attention.
Brick: [as Yoda ] A Jedi master, I am! [grunting]
[later, Coach Tink has one eye bandaged as she and Brick lay near the dug-up hole:]
Coach Babbitt: There's nothing wrong with what we're doing here. We're just replacing "I can't do sports," with "I can't do small talk," just as I will be replacing this memory with a Cadillac Margarita at Chi Chi's.

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