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Quote from Mike in The Rush

Mike: Where's the table?
Axl: Couldn't find it.
Mike: What... did you go to the car?
Axl: Yeah. I checked the trunk, but there was just a tabletop... no legs.
Mike: It's a folding table! Didn't you lift it up and see that the legs are underneath it? They're attached.
Axl: Well, you didn't say that.
Mike: I said, "Go get the folding table."
Axl: I didn't hear you.
Mike: Why do you think I would bring a table with no legs?
Axl: I don't know. I thought maybe it was a hovertable or something. I... Why are you so mad?
Mike: Because you're out there looking for jobs now, and rule number one about having a job is if someone asks you to do something, you do it. That's the kind of guy companies are looking for, not some bozo who doesn't know how to operate a table. Geez! I'm about to fire you, and you're my son.
Axl: Please do. I should've known we weren't cool enough for a hovertable.

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