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Quote from Frankie in Homecoming II: The Tailgate

Mike: Drinking in the morning? Knew it would come to this. Just surprised it took so long.
Frankie: For your information, I'm making a signature drink for the homecoming tailgate. Nancy's bringing lunch, Paula's doing sides, and since no one trusts me to cook, I'm drinks.
Sue: All right. I am almost done with my poster.
Mike: [to Frankie] Maybe you've had enough.
Frankie: I'm not drunk. I'm just happy. You want some of my Frankietini?
Mike: No, it's a little early for me. [Frankie scoffs]
Sue: Did you guys know that if it wasn't for me, the class of 2015 wouldn't even have an alumni table? Okay, strap in, people. 'Cause it is a crazy story.
Mike: [to Frankie] Maybe just a little.
Sue: I called the school to find out who the class liaison was for homecoming, and they told me there wasn't one. [laughs] And I'm like, "whaaa?!"
Mike: I'll tell you when.
Sue: So, by the time I got off the phone, the class liaison was me. That means I am in charge of everything...
contacting all my classmates, setting up the alumni table... Yeah, that's pretty much it. So... [chuckles] what do you think?
Mike: I do remember 2015.
Frankie: Good times.

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