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Quote from Darrin in Valentine's Day VI

Darrin: Mrs. Heck, I need to talk to you about a matter of extreme importance. As you know, Saturday is Valentine's day.
Frankie: Or, as we call it, Saturday.
Darrin: Well, I'm planning a big Valentine's day Scavenger Hunt for Sue, and I need your help.
Frankie: Oh. Really, Darrin?
Darrin: No, it's super-small... only 10 locations and a surprise at the end. So I'm gonna need you at a bench in the mall in a cowboy hat.
Frankie: Yeah. I'm not doing that.
Darrin: Okay, would you be willing to give her the first clue here?
Frankie: That, I can do.
Darrin: Great. I'll get my mom to do the mall thing. She's always there power-walking. Anyway, I'm gonna go sit on the couch now. Pretend like nothing happened. [whistles] I'm just whistling for no reason.
Brick: Who am I to throw stones?

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