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Quote from Frankie in Thanksgiving VI

Sue: Aren't those your pregnancy pants?
Frankie: They used to be my pregnancy pants. Now they're my holiday pants.
Sue: Ah. Well, Mom, do you mind if I ask you kind of a serious question?
Frankie: Uh... Sure.
Sue: Does Dad not like Darrin?
Frankie: What?! Pfft! Of course Dad likes Darrin. Why would you say that?
Sue: W-well, the other day, you were talking about who was coming to Thanksgiving dinner, and after you said Darrin was coming, dad said, "Ugh."
Frankie: No. He didn't say, "ugh." He said... "Ah." You know, like, "ah, that's nice."
Sue: No. It was definitely an "ugh." I remember it very vividly. You said, "Darrin is coming," and Dad said, "Ugh."
Frankie: Look, Sue, don't take it personally. Your dad likes us, and that's about it. And some days, not even us.

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