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Quote from Sue in Heck on a Hard Body

Woman: Did I mention I once did a yoga retreat where I spent two days in the warrior pose? Might as well give up now, sweetheart.
Sue: Really? You think I should give up? Let me tell you something about me. I never, ever give up. I have not made a hundred things, but I still try out. [laughs] When they tell me that I didn't make the team, I show up and ask to be manager. When there are no parts in the play for me, I ask to make the programs. The more I fail, the stronger I get! [breathes heavily] My whole life has led me to this moment! So I will stand here on my one burning leg for as long as it takes, so, ha! [insect buzzes] Ha ha ha! [gasps] Aah! I think I just swallowed a fly. [breathes heavily] But I am still not giving up!
Woman: Oh, you can't beat crazy.
Mr. Ehlert: We have a winner! Finally!
Sue: Whoo!
Mr. Ehlert: This is the worst idea I ever had.

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