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Quote from Mike in Stormy Moon

Mike: So, there's, uh, been a lot of late nights with Cassidy, huh?
Axl: [yawns] Yeah, I guess.
Mike: How's that going?
Axl: Fine. We're just having fun.
Mike: All right.
Axl: But the only thing is, we've been having so much fun, that we haven't really had any time to, you know, talk.
Mike: And the problem here is what?
Axl: Well, she's going back to New York tomorrow. I don't know if she wants to keep in touch and be, like, a thing, or if she's more, "That was fun. Have a nice life." I just don't know what she's thinking.
Mike: Who knows what anybody's thinking? Hell, I don't know if your mom still likes me.

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