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Quote from Frankie in Winners and Losers

Frankie: Hi. Frankie Heck. We met at-
Connie: Yeah, I know who you are. We have all of our chaperones.
Mr. Walker: Mrs. Heck. My parent contract clearly stated that once you have said good-bye to your child, you have 23 seconds to depart the premises.
Frankie: Got it. I-I just wanted to see if he had a buddy yet. If you could pair him with someone responsible maybe a girl.
Connie: We're good here. Let's move it out!
Frankie: Also, I packed all orange clothes so he'll be easy to spot. He wanders. And if someone could check when he comes out of the bathroom, I can't 100% guarantee that he'll zip up. And if there's priceless art like in a museum or something, be prepared to meet the guards now, because he will touch it.
Mr. Walker: Walk faster. Okay! Here we go, people. We're 34 seconds late.

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