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Quote from Rusty in The Play

Frankie: [v.o.] So over the clutter and through the stoves, to grandfather's house Brick went.
Rusty: [opens door] Oh. Hey, I know you. From that time we ate turkey. You're Kevin. Kenny!
Brick: Brick.
Rusty: Well, if you say so.
Brick: Actually, Uncle Rusty, I was looking for Grandpa Big Mike. Grandparents and Special Friends day is coming up at my school, and I wanted to see if he could come to my class.
Rusty: Nah, they're tearing down a Red Roof Inn in Traverse City, and, uh, Dad's down there picking up 40 toilets.
Brick: Shoot. I'm straddling check, check-minus territory here. I could really use the extra credit. Hey, maybe you could come.
Rusty: Well, what are they paying?
Brick: Uh, they're not paying anything.
Rusty: Oh. [chuckles] Well, uh, I've been looking for a reason to put on a pair of pants, so sure.

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