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Quote from Frankie in Major Changes

Frankie: Don't you see? This is everything! My life is forever going to be defined as before toenail and after. "BT" and "AT," baby. How do you go on after something like this? What are you supposed to do?
Pat: Well...
Frankie: Well? Ha! You're stumped. You don't have an answer. Not like Pam. She had an answer. She only had a "p" and an "r," and she got "ardon my French," and now she's got a million dollars and I get-
Pat: Wait. What? Who has a million dollars?
Frankie: Pam, Mom! Pam Staggs!
Pat: Pam Staggs was on the Wheel? Well, she was always so bubbly. They just like that type on the show. Is that good?
Frankie: I mean, she wasn't even that smart, right?
Pat: Mnh-mnh.
Frankie: She was just pretty, and now she's smart and pretty, and she's driving a new Ford Fiesta, and I'm bellying up to the toenail buffet!

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