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Quote from Mike in The Big Chill

Mike: I'm not mad you made a mistake. I'm mad because we can't afford to make a mistake.
Frankie: What?
Mike: You think I like it that 200 bucks sends us over the edge? Or that at this point in our lives, we gotta have four jobs just to stay poor?
Frankie: It does suck when you say it like that.
Mike: I mean, damn it, we should have some kind of cushion so we can make a mistake every once in a while. Or at least fix the kitchen table. Didn't we have plans for this place? Instead, here we are, with the same crappy carpet and the busted garbage disposal. The only room we've redone is Sue's. [baby doll part vibrates] Oh, there it goes again.
Frankie: Oh, keep walking. My half likes the walking.
Mike: I guess I just hoped we'd be farther along at this point. That's all.

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