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Quote from Mike in Halloween

Frankie: Hey there. I picked you up a little somethin' at the mall.
Mike: Oh, yeah? Hmm. Interesting choice. Not sure if it's my color... And I already have so many fringy vests. No.
Frankie: Oh. Come on! You'll make such a cute hippie. Wait. Does it make any sense when you see it next to this? [off Mike's look] Fine. You don't want to be hippies. I'll take it back and get us something else. Who do you want to be?
Mike: I want to be Mike.
Frankie: How about Bonnie and Clyde?
Mike: Or Bonnie and Mike.
Frankie: Oh. Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein.
Mike: Or Mike and bride of Mike.
Frankie: You know, you're gonna be pretty embarrassed When you're the only one not dressed up.
Mike: No, I don't think I will.
Frankie: Oh, fine. Wear the same two boring plaid shirts until you die.
Mike: That's the plan.

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