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Quote from Mike in Halloween

Frankie: Oh, Mike, I forgot to tell ya, I met the Norwoods, the new neighbors down the block. They invited us to drop by this weekend.
Mike: What for? They don't even know us.
Frankie: Well, it's not just us. I guess some other people are gonna be there.
Mike: What, like a party?
Frankie: Uh, I don't know. It's a get-together. Some people might call it a party.
Mike: So what day is this party?
Frankie: I think it's Sunday?
Mike: So it's a Halloween party.
Frankie: Yeah, I guess it is.
Mike: Yeah. I'm not dressing up.
Frankie: Mike, come on! We never get invited to Halloween parties anymore. It'll be fun.
Mike: It's ridiculous. A bunch of grown-ups running around telling each other how cute they are. Costumes on kids are cute. Costumes on adults are sad and a little creepy.

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