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Quote from Frankie in The Diaper Incident

Frankie: Okay, wait. You think I need diapers? Oh, this is just... Oh, my God. How old do you think I am?
Stock Boy: Is it okay if don't answer that?
Frankie: Look, I might sneeze-pee once in a while, but I don't need diapers. Do you see any gray there? No! That's 100% chestnut brown.
Stock Boy: That's over in aisle 12.
Frankie: I mean, come on. These are for... [puts on glasses] Geriatric bladder control. Do I look geriatric? I could easily have a baby. I choose not to. These are for old, creaky people who are way older than me. [to an old woman] Not you. I'm sorry. I-I'm a little flustered. I have a daughter with a dripping baby.
Old Woman: I understand. I'm a grandma, too.
Frankie: I'm not a grandma! Just take me to the diapers... For babies. Which I could have!

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