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Quote from Mike in Signals

Brick: Socializing is hard.
Mike: Harder than I thought. What happened to you?
Brick: I offered a boy cake and he punched me.
Mike: I got offered something too. You know, buddy, I've been thinking. Maybe we're meant to be who we're meant to be. It's when we start to change who we're meant to be that things get messed up.
Brick: Sounds like an excuse, but Mom would probably fall for it.
Mike: No, I mean it. Brick, are you happy?
Brick: Yes. Are you happy?
Mike: Yes. So why are we letting people try to change us? We're fine just the way we are.
Brick: So do I still have to go to the social group?
Mike: Eh, Brick, that's kind of your mom's thing. She wants you to go. Just go for now. Eventually, she'll get tired of driving you.

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