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Quote from Frankie in TV or Not TV

Steve: We're looking for extras. You know, things you could do without.
Frankie: [sighs] Oh, God, there are none. We've already cut back on everything. Steve, come to our house. There's nothing good there.
Steve: Well, how about that $3 coffee in your hand? How often do you get that?
Mike: Every day.
Frankie: Not very oft... Are you on my team here or not?
Steve: Times five days a week times 52 weeks a year. Hey, that's $750 right there.
Mike: Hoo.
Frankie: He buys imported beer.
Mike: Imported from Ohio. Thanks, pal.
Frankie: You started it. Add that. Go ahead, add that, Steve. Add the beer.
Mike: She buys pop at the drive-thru even though we have pop at home.

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