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Quote from Axl in The Front Door

Axl: You can't do this.
Mike: You heard your mother.
Axl: God, this is so unfair.
[After Axl slams the front door, it falls off the frame and crashes onto the living room floor]
Mike: And you're gonna fix that too.
Axl: No way. No. It was already broken. Mom has been telling you to fix that hinge for like a month. Right, Mom?
Frankie: Uh... I support your father.
Axl: Classic.
Mike: And this door stays right where it is until you march your butt back and fix it.
Frankie: [v.o.] Oh, I forgot to mention, two days a week, the Orson Herald puts out an evening edition. [Frankie gets hit in the head with a newspaper]

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