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What We Owe to Each Other

‘What We Owe to Each Other’

Season 1, Episode 6 -  Aired October 13, 2016

Eleanor questions whether to honor her promise to Michael to help him get to the root of the problems in the neighborhood. Meanwhile, Chidi acts as a third wheel when Jason struggles to talk to Tahani.

Quote from Jason

Tahani: Hello, Jianyu, Chidi. [Jason holds up a painting] What's this?
Jason: I made you a art. It's three of me. It's ballerinas, painted in the style of the impressionists. Of course. You don't say things, but you do things. And you feel things. Only my true soul mate could ever give me such a perfect gift. Thank you.
[As Tahani hugs Jason, he gives a thumbs up to chidi]


Quote from Eleanor

Chidi: What's going on?
Eleanor: Well, I did what you said. I honored my agreement to help Michael find the problem, and he found the problem.
Chidi: Oh, I'm so sorry.
Eleanor: After I'm gone, take down the rest of those clown paintings. But leave up the sexy mailman. To remember me by.

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