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Quote from Simone in A Girl from Arizona (Part 1)

Eleanor: Hey, there, Simone. Shoving people in the pool, huh?
Simone: Yeah, just testing the laws of physics here in my nonsense brain jail. Who's this?
Eleanor: Uh, this is Chidi Anagonye. He was a professor of ethics and moral philosophy, so I figured he might be able to help...
Simone: Chidi Anagonye, that sounds so familiar. Where did you teach?
Chidi: St. John's University in Sydney.
Simone: Of course! I used to teach there. I must've seen his name on the faculty list and now my dying brain is just leaking out random information. Oh, the human mind is truly incredible! [sings] I want something else To get me through this Semi-charmed kind of life, baby, baby
Chidi: Look, sorry, uh, what... what's happening now?
Simone: When I was a kid, my CD alarm clock broke and it used to wake me up to that song every day, so now I'm singing it to try and wake myself up.
Chidi: Okay, well, nice meeting you.
Simone: Nice to meet you too, cute guy generated by my rapidly decaying temporal lobe. [vocalizes]


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Quote from Tahani

Tahani: Who can convince her that this actually is the afterlife? We need someone authoritative and reassuring, like Nelson Mandela or Sir Patrick Stewart. Or really any of my old racquetball partners would do.

Quote from Tahani

Michael: Tahani... so, so smart, and sophisticated. She was the only one who was able to talk me out of that goatee.
Tahani: Well, I lost that battle with Robert Downey Jr., and I'll be damned if I lose it with you.

Quote from Eleanor

Michael: I think you look great. Professional, serious. A proper team leader.
Eleanor: It does make me feel authoritative, like that chick from Law and Order. "Well, boys, looks like we got ourselves an SVU." I've never seen the show.