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Quote from Jason in Patty

Janet: Does that mean me?
Michael: You're a Good Janet, and we're in the Good Place. I don't know who else it would mean.
Janet: Okay. No pressure. I was born to do this... Not born. [touches the sign] Okay, so I now know all the information about the Good Place. In a nutshell, it slaps. First thing to tell you: humans can't see the Good Place all at once or their brains will be scrambled.
Jason: Cool, maybe I'll finally get some of those squigglies on my brain. Doctor said my brain's as smooth as an egg.


 ‘Patty’ Quotes

Quote from Tahani

Eleanor: Holy fork, that is a soothing chime.
Tahani: It really is the most incredible chime I've ever heard, and that is coming from someone whose godfather is the most famous clock in the world.
Chidi: Is Big Ben somehow your godfather?
Tahani: Mm-hmm.

Quote from Chidi

Chidi: So about this party, is everyone in the Good Place invited? Like, is Aristotle gonna be there?
Janet: Sorry, Chidi, Aristotle's in the Bad Place. He defended slavery.
Chidi: Socrates?
Janet: No, too annoying. Very loud chewer.
Chidi: Plato.
Janet: Slavery again. Oh, you know who is here? Hypatia of Alexandria. Do you know her?
Chidi: Hypatia? [Janet nods] Of Alexandria.
Janet: That's right.
Chidi: Uh, yeah, I know her. [muffled screams] Ooh, Hypatia! I'm gonna ask her so many questions pertaining to the grand ideas about the universe, like: "Why?" Oh, oh, and also... "How?"
Janet: Ooh.

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Quote from Jeremy Bearimy

Jason: Why don't you want your name on the opera house? I love getting my name on stuff. In Jacksonville, I got a flu virus named after me 'cause I kissed a bat on a dare.

Quote from Dance Dance Resolution

Jason: Yo, yo, homies, check it. There's something messed up with this place. We keep fighting with each other. None of the TVs get the NFL RedZone channel. My soul mate doesn't even know who Blake Bortles is. I know this sounds crazy, but I think we're in the Bad Place.
Michael: Jason figured it out? Jason? This is a real low point. Yeah, this one hurts. Ow.