Tahani Quote #213

Quote from Tahani in Employee of the Bearimy

Eleanor: All right, babe, it's go time. You ready?
Tahani: Absolutely. I feel very confident with you in charge. In the words of my godfather, acting in what can only be described in hindsight as his most problematic role, "You the man now, dawg!"
Eleanor: As always, thank you for finding the quickest possible way to say things.


 ‘Employee of the Bearimy’ Quotes

Quote from Shawn

Shawn: What in the name of Kevin Spacey's self-made Christmas Eve video message to try to get back on House of Cards is going on here?

Quote from Michael

Michael: Yes, it's true. It's me. The real Michael. We know all about your plot to sabotage our experiment. We know you brought Chris in to pretend to be Linda to distract us while you planted a Bad Janet to pretend to be a Good Janet. [applause]
Shawn: No, stop clapping! This is real! Someone capture them.
Michael: Rufus, I'm warning you. I know we go way back. We used to be roommates. But if you take another step, I will use this Demon Exploder on you.
Shawn: A Demon Exploder? Come on, man. At least try to make that sound convincing. [Rufus explodes] Wow.
Michael: I used to be just like all of you. I sat right where you're sitting at more than 10,000 DemonCons, and I believed that we committed torture as a part of the moral balance of the universe, but I've learned that's wrong. Humans are capable of self-improvement, and so are we. And down deep, Shawn knows this is true too. I beg you. Open your eyes to the truth. [Vicky slow claps]
Vicky: Bravo, Michael. What a monologue. Not! [puts on Michael skin suit] I'm not scared of you because I've gone there, Michael. I've become you. You may act like you've changed, but deep down, you're still a demon. Vile, ugly, capable of so much darkness. And now... you're home. [Michael explodes Vicky]
Shawn: Oh, come on! [applause]

Quote from John

Tahani: Hello, all! I took the liberty of preparing a few simple snacks.
John: Whew, this place is nice! Did anyone else see that movie The Lake House with Keanu and Sandy B? Oh, I love a movie with gentle magic. Give me a time-traveling mailbox or a mother-daughter body switch, or like, uh, Sarah Michelle Gellar as a chef and her food tastes amazing because she cries in it? [chuckles] I should've been a screenwriter.