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Quote from Eleanor in Don't Let the Good Life Pass You By

Eleanor: So, in this whole other timeline, Chidi and I said "I love you" to each other. But he doesn't remember any of that happened, so I guess my question is, when is the right time to tell someone you were passionate lovers in an alternate timeline in the afterlife but he doesn't remember because technically none of that happened in this strand of the multi-verse?
Tahani: [sighs]
Eleanor: You know what? I'll just check with Yahoo Answers. I'm sure someone's weighed in.


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Quote from Chidi

Chidi: Yeah, I'm pretty excited to relax and have a drink. I mean, saving souls feels great, but Sydney to Budapest to Phoenix to Calgary... I'm so jetlagged, I can't even regrender my chorf. Don't even know what I was trying to say.

Quote from Tahani

Eleanor: Hey guys, having fun? Cool, cool, cool. So, we need to get out of here immediately because this bar is full of demons.
Tahani: Eleanor, just because these people are wearing cheap leather and stone washed denim, they're still part of the Queen's realm. Calling them demons is a bit much.

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Quote from Pandemonium

Eleanor: Yes, we will no longer be together. The Bad Place has pulled off the most intricate cork-blork of all time. Hmm, it's a nice touch that the cursing filter maintains the rhyme. I appreciate that attention to detail.

Quote from The Funeral to End All Funerals

Eleanor: Tahani improved so much over her many lives, but she also helped me improve. She taught me lots of stuff, like "Bras shouldn't be painful", and, "You don't buy bras at Home Depot", and "They don't sell bras at Home Depot. What the hell are you wearing?" For the record, it was a men's back support harness, and it worked in a pinch.