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Quote from Jason in Help Is Other People

Eleanor: Whoo, I hope this works. We basically just confirmed that we're lying to them.
Michael: Oh, man. Was this a bad idea? I mean, what if this was a bad idea?
Jason: It wasn't, homey. It was a good idea.
Michael: Can anyone else weigh in?
Jason: I'm serious. In football, trying to run out the clock and hoping for the best never works. It's called "prevent defense." You don't take any chances and just try and hang on to your lead. But prevent defense just prevents you from winning. It's always better to try something.
Tahani: Jason, that was... coherent.
Jason: Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to.


 ‘Help Is Other People’ Quotes

Quote from Brent

Brent: Well, right at the beginning, I talked to Mike and Eleanor, and they were like, "Yeah, don't tell anyone this, but there's a place better than this, the Best Place, and that's where you're headed, amigo."
Chidi: I don't think they actually called you amigo.
Brent: I had to go through the year here, kind of a test, I guess, which, obviously, I aced. So at midnight, I'm in the first Escalade out of here, baby.
Simone: Brent.
Brent: Yeah?
Simone: Think about this.
Brent: Okay.
Simone: How could you get into the Best Place? You would literally have to be one of the most incredible people in the universe.
Brent: I mean, it makes sense to me. I don't know what to tell you.

Quote from Tahani

Tahani: Okay, in the words of Princess Kate after we came back from our shopping trip in Ibiza, "There's a lot to unpack here." Perhaps we should just put our concerns aside and enjoy ourselves.

Quote from Eleanor

Eleanor: Focus. We cannot let this slip away from us at the last second. New plan: forget the toasts. We do nothing. We hope that our early successes make up for the embarrassing mess we've become. Like Facebook or America.