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Quote from Simone in The Snowplow

Eleanor: Why did I do that?
Simone: OK, here's my guess. As humans evolved, the first big problem we had to overcome was "me versus us". Learning to sacrifice a little individual freedom for the benefit of a group. You know, like sharing food and resources so we don't starve or get eaten by tigers, things like that.
Eleanor: OK, with you so far.
Simone: The next problem to overcome was "us versus them". Trying to see other groups, different from ours, as equals. That one, we're still struggling with. It's why we have racism and nationalism, and... why fans of Stone Cold Steve Austin hate fans of The Rock.
Eleanor: No, we hate The Rock because he went Hollywood and Stone Cold keeps it real, so The Rock's fans are the real jabronis. Point made. Keep going.
Simone: Well, what's interesting about you is... I don't think you ever got past the "me versus us" stage. I mean, have you ever been part of a group that you really cared about?
Eleanor: I was in the Girl Scouts.
Simone: Really?
Eleanor: Technically, I joined under a fake name because I wanted to steal a bunch of cookies.
Simone: See? The Brainy Bunch is basically the first group that became part of your self-identity and now that's breaking up, you're feeling this new kind of loss. And you're scared of going back to being alone. I mean, that's just my guess. The other possible medical diagnosis is that you're just a bit of a dick.

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