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Quote from Tahani in Mondays, Am I Right?

Michael: No, that's not it. [sighs] I'm upset, because for hundreds of years, I've had a job. First, it was finding a better way to torture humans, then helping them, then proving the system was broken, then teaching the demons. I have to roll a rock up a hill over and over, and then it kept rolling down, so I had to do it again. And then Vicky comes along with this... like, rock-lifter thing and just lifts it to the top of the hill. Pushing the rock up the hill gave me a purpose. Who am I... if the rock's gone?
Tahani: Ironically, that's exactly what Vin Diesel asked me when Dwayne Johnson refused to appear in The Fast and the Furious 9. Not helpful? Copy that.

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