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Quote from Chidi in Chillaxing

Eleanor: What the fork?
Chidi: Hi, Eleanor. Hi, Michael. We were just heading off for picnic.
Michael: Oh, you know, we were actually just gonna go check in on your new student, Brent.
Chidi: Oh, you know, I'm not sure that Brent's in it for the long haul. He came to one session, and then he said he got a B+ in Moral Values at Princeton, and so maybe he should be the professor. Then he asked me if I knew that he went Princeton. I said I did. Then he said he went to Princeton, and he left. Eh, what are you gonna do?
Eleanor: [chuckles] Well, just for argument's sake, what would Kant say about your duty to help your fellow human beings?
Chidi: Well, honestly, when the weather is this perfect, I think that Kant would say, "Who's up for some Frisbee golf?" [laughs] [Michael chuckles] Guys, you gotta hear this joke I made about Kant.

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