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Quote from Jason in Somewhere Else

Judge: So, Michael, you're saying there's a new angle I should consider in this case? Love that. Major drama. Spill the tea, sweetheart.
Michael: The premise of our system is that a person's score during her time on Earth is final and inarguable, but because of my accidental experiment, these four humans got better after they died. That's not supposed to be possible. Over and over again, I watched as they became thoughtful and generous and caring. And think about where they started. Uh, Jason, growing up in Jacksonville, what did you do for fun after school every day?
Jason: Me and my friends whipped empty spray paint cans at flamingos.
Michael: And now he's so much better.
Jason: I was already pretty good. When I was six, I hit one right on the button.
Tahani: Okay, let the immortal beings talk, darling.

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